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Family Benefits
Family Point and Status Pooling

You can choose to automatically transfer to a single nominated Family Member’s account your:

  • Rex Points.
  • Status Points.
  • Status Flights.

We call this a Point Pool and the receiving member of a Point Pool is the Family Lead.

Once you elect to participate in a Point Pool, we will transfer your points (Rex Points, Status Points and Status Flights), each time they are earned by you, to the Family Lead.

Points earned prior to joining a family pool will remain in individual accounts.

A Point Pool may have a maximum of 6 Family Members in total and only 2 members 18 years or older.

You can only be a member of one Point Pool at any time, and a maximum of two Points Pools in any 12-month period.

Family Members need to reside at your residential address.

Once Rex Points, Status Points and Status Flights are transferred, we are not able to transfer these back to you.

You can cancel your participation in a Point Pool at any time.

Membership Tier Pause (Parental leave)

Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond members may request a membership pause if you are taking at least 6 months’ parental leave from paid employment:

A membership pause will extend to:

  • any points due to expire during the membership pause for the period of the membership pause plus 6 months; and
  • your status level at the commencement of the membership pause for the period of the membership pause plus 12 months.

You can continue to earn Points, may redeem Points and receive Status Benefits applicable to your membership during the membership pause period.

A membership pause for parental leave can be requested for any children (including fostered and adopted children) of a parent and for up to 2 members (parents) where leave is taken at the same time.

You may request membership pause

  • once for any individual child; and
  • once in any 2-year period.

To request a membership pause you will simply need to provide our Customer Contact Centre with two forms of supporting documentation as below:

  • employer confirmation of parental leave of 6 months or more; and
  • confirmation of pregnancy, birth, adoption or fostering.