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1 Terms and Conditions

The Rex Flyer Program is being rolled out in phases. As such some of these Terms and Conditions will only be applicable at a later date.

These Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time, apply to all aspects of Rex Flyer.

We have used all reasonable efforts to ensure the information provided to you in relation to the program is accurate and correct. However, to the extent permitted by law, we accept no responsibility for any inaccuracy or misdescription.

By agreeing to become a member of Rex Flyer and using the membership number, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and the Conditions of Carriage of Rex.

1.2 Definitions



Rex Flyer (Program, We, Our, Us)

The loyalty and rewards program operated by REX FLYER PTY LTD ACN 671 816 621.

Member (You, Your)

An individual person who has signed up to the Rex Flyer Program.


The collection of benefits available to all Members of the Program.


A Member opens an account when they enrol in the program. The Account is where the Program stores information and activity of the Member to operate the program.

Rex Points (Points)

A unit of measure in the Program. Rex Points are earned from eligible activity and are then able to be redeemed for eligible rewards. Rex Points have no cash value and cannot be transferred, redeemed or converted to cash.

Status Points 

A unit of measure in the Program. Status Points are used to determine a Member’s Status Level and Tier Benefits. Status Points have no cash value and cannot be transferred, redeemed or converted to cash.

Status Flights (Flights)

A unit of measure in the Program. Status Flights are used to determine a Member’s Status Level and Tier Benefits. Status Flights have no cash value and cannot be transferred, redeemed or converted to cash.

Status Point Balance

The number of Status Points accumulated on a rolling 365-day basis (unless otherwise stated).

Status Flight Balance

The number of Status Flights accumulated on a rolling 365-day basis (unless otherwise stated).

Status Level (Status)

Your membership tier level in the Program. You can either be Opal, Sapphire, Emerald or Diamond and receive the benefits applicable to that membership tier level.

Status Benefits

A specific collection of benefits, rewards & privileges available to a member during their Status Benefit Period for a specific membership tier level.

Status Benefit Period

The period a member is awarded Status Benefits, typically 12 months, unless otherwise stated.

Status Review

Evaluation of a member’s entitlement to retain, upgrade or downgrade their Member Status based by achieving the required Status Points Balance or Status Flight Balance.

Review Date

The last day of a Status Benefit Period when a Status Review occurs.

Lounge Fee Renewal Date

The date a member must pay a new lounge membership fee to renew their access to the Rex Lounge.

Family Member

A Family Member must be a related husband, wife, domestic partner or de facto, mother or father (including in-law), son or daughter (including in-law), foster, step or adopted child, or a brother or sister (including in-law).


Entities and organisations with which Rex has an agreement for the earning of Rex Points, redemption of Rex Points or for the supply of goods or services to Members as part of the Rex Flyer program.

1.3 Program Changes

We reserve the right to make changes, suspend or terminate Rex Flyer, and its Terms and Conditions, without notice.

We will endeavour to provide you with advance notice of changes, so you can review the changes and determine if you wish to retain your membership in the program.

1.4 Membership
1.4.1 Enrolment

Rex Flyer is open for membership by any individual person who resides in Australia or New Zealand.

Membership is not available to corporations, trusts, partnerships, businesses, families, groups, animals, objects or other entities.

Membership in Rex Flyer is complimentary.

You must enrol with your full name as it appears on your passport, or government issued ID.

You may only enrol in the program once and we reserve the right to decline a membership at our discretion.

You must provide, at a minimum:

  • Full legal name (your name must match passport or ID and your bookings)
  • Preferred name (used for communication)
  • Date of birth
  • Physical address
  • Email
  • Contact number

Your email must be unique and may not be reused.

You may provide a series of interests and preferences to allow us to personalise offers and communication to you.

You may also indicate travel preferences, that may be entered into each new booking, to assist with your future travel needs.

If you are under the age of 18, you need your parent or guardian’s permission to join, and have your own unique email address.

1.4.2 Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for

  • keeping your membership number, password and details about your membership confidential and letting us know as soon as you are concerned it may have been compromised;
  • ensuring you have received your Rex Points, Status Points and Benefits, including any Status Benefits. You must let us know within the specified timeframes should anything be incorrect in order for us to rectify;
  • not engaging in fraudulent, misleading or dishonest behaviour, or misrepresenting yourself, in relation to your membership or any other Member’s membership;
  • ensuring information you provide to us is up to date, truthful and accurate at all times;
  • treating our staff and partners with respect and in a non-threatening manner when interacting with them; and
  • not behaving in a way that may be inappropriate, disruptive or harmful to other customers whilst on-board a Rex flight, or in premises controlled by Rex, which is or may be likely to be detrimental to the interests of Rex.

All benefits, features and rewards of this program are only available to the Member that they accrue for, or are granted to. You may not buy, sell, swap or transfer any of the benefits, features or rewards provided as part of this program unless we have specifically stated that you can (e.g.: Family Tier Pooling).

1.4.3 Termination

You may terminate your membership at any time. Upon termination, you relinquish all Rex Points, Status Points, Status Flights, Benefits and Status Benefits that were available at the time of termination.

Once a membership is terminated it cannot be reinstated. You should consider your future travel plans to ensure this is the right decision for you.

Membership will automatically terminate in the event of the death of a Member.

We may, at our sole discretion, as a result of a breach of the Terms and Conditions whether intentional or otherwise:

  • reverse or cancel any Rex Points, Status Points and/or Status Flights;
  • suspend or cancel access to any Benefits, including applicable Status Benefits;
  • suspend or cancel your membership; or
  • take any other reasonable steps necessary.

Where we suspect fraudulent, dishonest or illegal activity or a breach of these Terms and Conditions we may temporarily suspend access to the Program and its Benefits and provide you with 10 business days’ notice for you to explain or provide any relevant information to assist in our review. Whilst we may take this into account any decision to further suspend, or end, a membership is at our sole discretion.

1.5 Earning Rex Points (Points)

Rex Points are earned when you buy eligible products and services on Rex Airlines or program partners.

Rex Points expire on a rolling 36-month basis from when they were earned if there is no ongoing activity. You must earn into, or redeem from, your account to be deemed ‘active’. This does not include point transfers.

We will endeavour to provide you with 6-months’ notice of upcoming point expiry so that you can maximise the use of your Rex Points.

1.5.1 Earning Points on Flights

Rex Points can be earned on eligible Rex flights from your program join date.

You must record your membership number in every booking (via, our Customer Contact Centre or your preferred travel agent).

Your name and membership number in each booking must match what is recorded in your membership account.

You earn Rex Points based on the amount you spend on eligible airfares:

Cabin Fare Class Booking Class Earn rate (per $1 AUD spent)
Business Biz Plus, Biz J C 7
Biz Saver D 5
Economy Flex Y B M K G 7
Saver H Q V T L R U 5
Promo/ Resident/ Community N* O S P E F 3
*N Class tickets earn 5 points per $ spent

Rex Points are earned once a flight is flown, on the

  • total fare paid for a flight (including airport taxes, other charges and GST associated with the flight, and excluding payment method surcharge and booking/handling fee); and
  • original fare paid, and original booking class, even when you receive a cabin upgrade.

Each flight earns points independent of other segments within a multi flight booking. Amounts earned can be seen in your Account transaction list.

Rex Points are not earned on

  • certain fees and charges (Customer Contact Centre fees, Loyalty Service Fees, change fees, cancellation fees, payment method surcharges, booking handling fees);
  • unused, cancelled, refunded or forfeited tickets;
  • complimentary, reward flight, travel industry discounted, staff travel, charter flight, prizewinner, package holiday (IT/BT) or any other tickets that exclude points earn as part of their conditions.
1.5.2 Earning Points on Extras

You can earn points on selected Extras purchased as part of a flight booking on or via Manage Booking:

Extra Earn rate (per $1 AUD)
Additional Baggage 5
Seat Selection 5

Not all Extras are available to earn Rex Points. Selected extras, such as, but not limited to successful Rex Bid Up offers, purchases made at airports (e.g. Excess Baggage, Casual Lounge Access) and inflight (e.g. drinks, Wi-Fi) are not eligible to earn points.

1.5.3 Missing Point Claims

You are responsible for tracking whether your flight activity is recorded in your account.

You may request a missing point claim for up to 6 months after a travel date.

You must provide

  • First and last name (as per original booking)
  • Booking reference (if known)
  • Flight date
  • Flight number
  • Origin
  • Destination

Where the booking can be retrieved from the above, points will be awarded, subject to the flight meeting standard earn requirements.

Where a booking cannot be retrieved from the above data points, it will be reviewed by our Customer Contact Centre and rejected or credited based on our ability to verify the claim.

Rex reserves the absolute right to determine if a missing points claim will be accepted and if points will be awarded to a Member’s account.

1.6 Using Rex Points
1.6.1 Flight Rewards

You may use your points for flights rewards for yourself, or an eligible Family Member.

Flight rewards are subject to availability, seats are not guaranteed and may be limited, especially during peak times such as holiday periods.

You must have the required number of points to make a flight reward booking. Points will be deducted from your account at the time a ticket is issued for the flight.

All flight reward point amounts are exclusive of carrier charges, taxes and applicable service fees, which must be paid separately with eligible forms of payment.

Each flight reward type comes with a specific set of fare conditions. Some of these conditions vary for Business and Economy class travel. Please consider the fare conditions before selecting a reward type. Flight Reward Types

We offer a choice of three flight reward options in each cabin:

Reward Type Description
Anytime Flex Rewards have no limit on seat availability and provide our most flexible fare conditions
Getaway Our next best value reward, with better availability and more flexible fare conditions than our Ultimate Rewards
Ultimate Our best value reward, availability can be limited so you will need to book early and be flexible with your travel plans Flight Reward Amounts

Our flight reward amounts are calculated as a discount off selected published fares which are then converted to points. 

A reward amount = Published Fare minus the Discount Amount multiplied by the Point Conversion Factor. Point amounts are rounded down to the nearest 100 points.

  • Flex Rewards are calculated using our full (most expensive) Business & Economy fares.
  • Saver Reward and Ultimate Rewards are calculated using our lead in (cheapest) Saver fares.
Cabin Reward Type Published Fare Discount Amount Booking Class Point Conversion Factor
Business Anytime JPLBIZ 50% J 100
Getaway DSVBIZ 35% I
Ultimate DSVBIZ 50% Z
Economy Anytime YFLEX 50% Y
Getaway USAVE 35% A
Ultimate USAVE 50% X

This means that flight reward point amounts can change, from time to time, in line with published fare changes. Point amounts are rounded down to the nearest 100 points.

1.6.2 Point Upgrade Rewards Point Upgrade Amounts

Our Point Upgrade reward amounts are calculated as a discount off our Business Ultimate Reward amounts corresponding to the applicable Economy fare class purchased.

Cabin Fare Class Business Ultimate Reward
Discount Amount
Economy Flex 75%
Saver 50%
Promo 25%

This means that Point Upgrade amounts will change, from time to time, in line with changes to published fares. Point amounts are rounded down to the nearest 100 points. Requesting a Points Upgrade

You may request a Point Upgrade on a flight for which you hold an eligible confirmed seat.

  • Your request may be confirmed at time of request, subject to upgrade class availability;
  • Where your upgrade cannot be confirmed, you may waitlist for an upgrade on the flight.

Seats available for upgrades are limited and not all seats may be made available for upgrades. There may be empty seats left in the cabin from time to time for operational reasons.

Point Upgrade requests

  • are for a single flight sector;
  • are required for each sector in a booking; and
  • may be awarded on individual sectors of connecting flights.

Points will be deducted from your account at the time an upgrade is confirmed for the flight. You must have required points in your account at the time of the upgrade confirmation.

You will be notified when an upgrade is successful

  • via the Manage Booking section of our website; and
  • via SMS or email notification (where available).

Point Upgrade requests may be made

  • for any travelling companion in the same booking as you; or
  • for any Family Member when travelling separately to you.

Point Upgrade requests may be cancelled

  • online and before an upgrade is awarded without any penalty;
  • via our CCC or after an upgrade has been awarded, subject to a cancellation fee.

If you change, cancel or no-show for a flight

  • before a Point Upgrade is awarded
    • the upgrade request will be cancelled, points returned to your account, and a new upgrade request must be made on any future flight;
  • after a Point Upgrade is awarded
    • if the fare is not forfeited, your points are returned to your account, subject to a cancellation fee,
    • if the fare is forfeited, your points are also forfeited.
1.7 Membership Tiers and Status

All new members are automatically assigned a member Status of Opal upon joining the program.

There are three additional membership tier levels within the program, Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond, that entitle a member to a set Status Benefits.

You can elevate your membership Status Level to Sapphire, Emerald or Diamond by earning the required number of Status Points or Status Flights during the Status Period before your Review Date.

1.7.1 Upgrading and retaining Member Status

There are two ways that you can upgrade, or retain, your membership Status Level.

  1. Accumulate the required Status Points on dollars spent on eligible airfares and Extras; or
  2. Accumulate the required Status Flights (or Flights) on eligible flights across the Rex network.
Cabin Fare Class Booking Class Status Points
Earn rate per $1 AUD dollar spent
Status Flight
Earn Rate per
Eligible Flight taken
Business Biz Plus, Biz J C 1 1
Biz Saver D 1 1
Economy Flex Y B M K G 1 1
Saver H Q V T L R U 1 1
Promo/ Resident/ Community N O S P E F 1 1

You can earn Status Points on selected Extras purchased as part of a flight booking on or via Manage Booking.

Extra Status Point Earn Rate
per $1 AUD dollar spent
Additional Baggage 1
Seat Selection 1

Not all Extras are available to earn Rex Points. Selected extras, such as, but not limited to successful Rex Bid Up offers, purchases made at airports (e.g. Excess Baggage, Casual Lounge Access) and inflight (e.g. drinks, Wi-Fi) are not eligible to earn points.

Only flights that are eligible for earning Rex Points are eligible to also earn Status Points and Status Flights.

Status Points and Status Flights are valid for 365 days and used to determine your eligibility to be awarded a Tier Status level.

Your Status Point Balance is the total Status Points accumulated on a rolling 365-day basis.

Your Status Flight Balance is the total number of Status Flights accumulated on a rolling 365-day basis.

1.7.2 Membership Status Level requirements
Status Level Sapphire Emerald Diamond
Requirements to upgrade Status 1,500 Status Points
12 Status Flights
3,000 Status Points
24 Status Flights
6,000 Status Points
48 Status Flights
Requirements to Retain Status 1,100 Status Points
10 Status Flights
2,200 Status Points
22 Status Flights
4,400 Status Points
44 Status Flights
1.7.3 Upgrading Status Levels

Your Status Point and Status Flight Balances are reviewed daily to determine if you are entitled to membership Status Level upgrade.

When your Status Point Balance or Status Flight Balance reaches the required threshold:

  • you will be upgraded to the next Status Level;
  • you will be eligible for Status Benefits for the defined Status Benefit Period; and
  • your Review Date will be the last day of the Status Benefit Period.

If during a Status Benefit Period you accumulate enough Status Points or Status Flights to upgrade to a higher Tier, you will automatically be upgraded to the higher Tier level for a new Status Benefit Period.

When you are upgraded to a higher tier, any remaining benefits from your previous tier expire.

1.7.4 Retaining Status Levels

A Status Review occurs on the Review Date.

You must accumulate the required number of Status Points or Status Flights to retain your Tier by your Review Date.

If you have not accumulated the required number of Status Points or Status Flights when a Status Review occurs, you will be downgraded down one tier level.

When you retain your Status Level, you will receive a new Status Benefit Period. Any remaining benefits from the previous Status Benefit Period expire.

1.7.5 Status Level Benefits

Once you have reached a Tier Level a range of benefits and privileges will become available to you for the Status Benefit Period.

For full details of current benefits available, which we may vary from time to time, please refer to the Membership Status Benefits page on our website.

1.8 Taxation

If you are an Australian taxpayer, Rex Points, Status Points and Status Benefits received as part of your membership in the Rex Flyer Program may be subject to personal income or other tax assessment. Accordingly, you are advised to check with their accountant, lawyer or tax adviser for further advice.

1.9 Use of Personal Information

It is a condition of Membership that you consent to the Privacy Policy as published on Rex's website and authorise Rex to use and disclose personal information to our Partners.

1.10 Communication

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you agree to receive marketing and program administrative communication from us, by email and/or SMS, about the Program and your membership, including (but not limited to):

  • general news and updates about Rex, the Program or our Partners
  • information relevant to your individual membership in the program
  • opportunities for earning Rex Points or Status Points, redeeming Rex Points or accessing program Benefits including Status Benefits
  • offers from us and our Partners that we believe may be relevant, or of interest, to you
  • future travel you have planned with us or our Partners

You can update your marketing communication preferences in your Account, including temporarily suspending, or opting out, of categories of communication or types of communication channels.

We may still send you program administrative communications, even if you have opted out of marketing communications, from time to time. For example: changes to the program Terms and Conditions or notice on any Rex Points you have earned that are close to expiring.

1.11 Governing

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New South Wales irrespective of where the application your membership has been completed by you or submitted to Rex. Any action or other legal process with respect to any matter or thing in connection with these Terms and Conditions against Rex shall unless otherwise agreed by Rex be instituted and carried on only in the appropriate Court of the State of New South Wales.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions will prevent the application of your consumer guarantees in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law.